College Stress? Make it a little less.

college stress
Stress is one of the major things in college that makes me “ahhh!!” I quit multiple times a week and my boyfriend says “oh yeah?, okay” (knowing I never mean it) and then five minutes later I finish whatever is stressing me and mostly move on.

I have found some things that help me to feel a little less stressed in the daily life of a college student. I want to share them with you because I feel if it helps me, it could possibly help you and that is what I am here for! I like to share my ideas and what I feel could possibly make lives a little easier.

Now these tips might take you a little time to get used to, but if you  make a routine out of them, they could make the next days, months, and years of your life much simpler!

Here are five tips to help you become a little less stressed!


1. Don’t work too much!

I understand that not everyone can go through college without working. I’m saying work as little as you can. Personally, I worked and worked and worked till I could barely breathe I was so stressed. Finally, I realized the amount that I was working was nothing but unnecessary. I was buying things with my money that I did not need, but wanted. Therefore, work as little as possible to keep the stress down, or take less classes, but either way it’s not worth the anxiety to over work yourself.

2. Don’t procrastinate!

I am guilty of this as a student myself, however, I’ve noticed that by taking a little extra time each day to get work done that’s not due that day or the next, really alleviates a lot of stress. Plus the quality of your work will increase dramatically due to the fact that you don’t have to cut corners. You will feel a great amount of relief and accomplishment! There’s nothing better than crossing something off your list for good! Which leads me to my next point.

3. Make lists!

I cannot stress this to you enough. Lists are lifesavers. When you’re a college student, among other things, whether it be a wife, a mother, a sister, a brother, husband, father, etc., life gets a bit hectic. Lists help you to remember everything you need to do. What I do is a monthly and a weekly list. My monthly list is based on a dry erase monthly calender that I got from Target. At the end of every month I erase the past month and create my new month and put everything I have to do on the date it needs to be done. It’s so nice to walk into my room and just have to glance to see what I need to do. From this, I make my weekly lists, my weekly lists not only include my homework, but my appointments, miscellaneous chores and errands I would like to complete, and any other little things I might think of. Lists help you remember and they help you feel accomplished once you are able to cross off once your tasks are completed.

4. Eat Healthy!

It’s okay to binge here and there and give into your cravings! However, overall eat healthy! You’ll than yourself for not getting the freshman 15. I myself, got the freshman 15 and am proceeding to work it off and eat healthy. Also, you might think unhealthy foods are what will make you feel better, but healthy foods will give you long lasting energy rather than a burst and then a crash. Drink more water than coffee and pick veggies or fries. It will fill your tummy just the same, but it will make your energy level sky rocket. This will keep you going longer and allow you to get stuff done.

5. Exercise!

Make sure to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Doing this will help to relieve stress and give you a lot more energy! Exercise is a good part of your routine to have. Even if it’s just a walk or run around the block, a few sit-ups a day, etc. These things will increase your energy and allow your anxiety to go down.


This is an example of the calender board that I have, I got mine from target! It’s a great investment for only $8.79. Click Here to get yours!


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