21 Essential Items Every Girl Should Have at all Times!

Purse Essentials

I get most of mine from Target or Mary Kay

1. Chapstick

2. Hand Cream

3. Cash

4. Lip Gloss

5, Bobby Pins

6. Hair Tie

7. Hair Clip

8. Mascara (to freshen up)

9. Tide to-go pen

10. Tweezers

11. Pen

12. Phone Charger

13. Cell Phone

14. Tylenol/Ibuprofen/etc.

15. Gum/Mints

16. Body Spray

17. Hand Sanitizer

18. Head Phones

19. Sunglasses

20. Granola Bar

21. ALWAYS have CONFIDENCE, you can never have too much!


I am not taking credit for this image, found on Pinterest


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