6 thoughts on “Ab fab, sweetie darling.

  1. Oh My God! You have no idea how much I can relate to you and to this!!! it’s weird because I’m from Uruguay a spanish speaking country but I talk like the Gilmore Girls! I just can’t help it!! I escape to Stars Hollow every day as I watch one episode per day all the time sometimes even two or three it’s the best! I started to watch it when it aired in 2000 I was 10 so I get what you said that when you get older you get more of the references… It’s the beeeest! well you know that haha but for people reading the blog who haven’t watch the Gilmore’s please do! you won’t regret it!! great job with this post it is also the beest!!

  2. Gosh!! I also started watching Gilmore Girls during the summer before 5th grade. But I’m from Brazil, and when I watched it for the first time the show was already over. It was in 2009. I remember the very first time I heard “There she goes again” and I feel like I was pushed into Stars Hollow while Lorelai was going to Luke’s in the Pilot’s inicial scene. Doesn’t matter how many times I re-watch it, there is always something new to learn. Over the years my opinions about somethings have changed, especially my preference between Dean, Jess and Logan. I encourage Literati now! I’m a daily watcher. When I’m sad or needy, Gilmore Girls is my scape too! Loved the post!!!

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