Spring Cleaning, well maybe Summer


CLEANING! It’s my therapy when I need to feel like I have some order in my life. I am an organizational freak and a perfectionist. I spent today doing laundry cleaning my bathroom, my room, and kitchen. I let things get out of control in my room sometimes and the clutter starts to build up. The anxiety kicks in and I can’t do anything! I cannot get school work done and I cannot relax! Silly, I know!

So, I ripped the sheets off my bed, the things off of my counters and began to scrub down. Now, I’ve had this awesome goal to organize everything in my room and completely go through it and throw anything out that I haven’t used in the past 6 months. Now of course goals are far from plans. You obviously need to set up a plan in order to meet your goal. I seem to have a problem in doing that…oops 🙂

Organization is something I feel we should all have in our lives but have a hard time finding the TIME to do it. Yes time is a funny, funny thing. It’s there but it literally flies by, therefore, I am going to set up one day a week that I commit entirely to cleaning and organizing. Just one day a week. Whether it be doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom or working in my garden. I might even begin to throw out some of my unneeded things. So I challenge you along with me to choose at least one day a week to commit entirely to organizing and cleaning and I guarantee you’ll find your life a lot simpler. You might even find more time to organize or time to do absolutely nothing. We spend so much time looking for everything in our clutter of a mess that we’re losing all of it. Time is a valuable thing and it should never be wasted.

Well, I have been inspired due to finding some great organizational blogs. I plan on sharing them with you because they are incredible. There is one in particular that I feel is very relatable to the common woman.I am setting my goals and making my plans. I plan on organizing a budget for myself since I am working extremely minimal hours due to school. I plan on reorganizing my whole room and throwing out anything unnecessary and along with that, my bathroom. Organization is key and I love it! I have a little bit of it, however, I tend to get off track quite often. So I am setting it up on here to hold me accountable! So here’s to hoping!